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Minecraft avatar make

Press the A button and you moderne should get a maken furnace contact and an achievement.
Once you ziek have moeilijk set down scenery the furnace, press LT to use.Ok all you have to do is moderne start a game.Once you have done this maken and a menu full maken of slots appears on the screen (which is called your inventory) you should get the achievement.Atleast 500 Cobblestone moeilijk Okay first make a cobblestone contact lane stretching atleast maken bloemstukken 500 blocks in a single direction.4 blocks of dirt.Once you have the menu for the crafting table open, press RB until you find the section with the dispenser.Avatar Awards, steve Gamer Picture, you receive moestuin this gamer picture once you have mined 100 total blocks in Minecraft.On a Rail Travel by minecart to a point at contact hoogte least 500m in a single direction from where moeilijk you started.To do this press the LT button.For this achievement you are not going to need anything maken but your hand. Okay, here is what you are going to need for this achievement:.
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Leader of the Pack Befriend five wolves.

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Once you get to the crafting table options, minecraft press.
You receive this avatar shirt once you have obtained a porkchop and cooked it in the furnace.