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Minecraft how to make a mob grinder

Go back up grinder the maker stairs.
Very useful for getting mob based items such as bone and rotten flesh in maken adventure maps, but useless in maken survival because it mini requires spawn eggs.
Thanks for any help.
Connect a make lever to maker a clock mechanism to shoot mineral the maker arrows.Make a 2 wide ledge around the maker upper mini layer of mini the mini wall, like this: This is a top view of the structure, the numbers represent how many blocks thick the wall.The player should dig down at least 23 blocks.At the end of a stream, minecraft there is a small gap cooper with a stream and a cactus behind that.In the screen shot below, see how the lava maken juts out loreal over the 'empty' block allowing items from the mobs that die to fall.THanks for your effort 06:43 by GnomeTrousers In case they fix the lava blade "feature would a cactus block work?Continue doing youtube this until cooper the player feel the mob farm is big enough.The player will need a separate shaft connected to it in order to retrieve the dropped supplies.Then, a player may climb to the top of the tower and drop an anvil into the hole on top of the mobs.I also can't see how deep each part of the streams are.Before building maker the spawning chambers, a good idea is to create an infinite water source, zwaard so the player can refill the buckets when the water has been used.The mob grinder is a tower with floors where there is no light so Minecraft mobs such as spiders, zombies, and skeletons will spawn, even in day maker time.Start by building a base, 23 x 23 blocks.I've found a checkerboard pattern of 4x4 solid then 4x4 holes very successful giving plenty of space for mobs to spawn as well as a good chance for them to drop to the floor below.Make a water collector.O is the hole: O And a side view: c c c c c c c c c c Next, build a two high wall up from the outer ring of the ledge.In the following video the hopper platform is connected to an item sorter mechanism: Fall damage with railroad retrieval system edit The player can make a mob farm in the air and then set a platform area where mobs will fall to death.A spider burns to death on the lava.I also put torches around the dark mineral room on the outside to increase the chance of mobs spawning inside.Now back at ground level make a doorway. Dig out the sand blocks shown above to start the flow of water, and put a roof over top.
Could someone please help me with this?
Only spiders are a problem.