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Minecraft how to make your house look better

minecraft how to make your house look better

6 Place torches around your property.
This step can make or break a house.A long chest is made by placing two chests adjacent to each other; this doubles the space the chest can hold, as look well as its length.Sink: A sink is not minecraft only a decorative item to have in your kitchen, but a great place to store some water on-hand.Since there is a very real chance that you make will die once or twice while scavenging for resources, it's good to place as much of look your excess materials in the chest as possible.However high you make the pillar is how tall the room will.Decorate Your Living Room, building a fireplace, television and couch makes a living room feel more complete.Use a combination of solid blocks and stairs to make the roof as shown above.This will stop mobs from attacking you while you sleep.In your Minecraft PE or console edition, select the crafting table and then select the chest icon.This will cause you to sleep through the night.If you want to personalize your house, consider adding windows or a walkway!You don't have to go all out and build something like this, but remember, any good house will take more time than usual.It has six holes: one above you, one below you, and four around you.4, place your bed on the ground.To make a bed: Kill three sheep and chop one block of wood.The first step is to do a little planning.For windows the easiest way to add detail is adding an awning which can range from fancy to just a few house blocks.The creative possibilities in Minecraft are endless, so dont be afraid to experiment.Sometimes it's hard to make good looking houses in minecraft.One thing you don't want to do is having the shape be a plain rectangle. First plan out the central room.
Youre pretty much finished with your building.