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Minecraft make a castle gate

It all depends on the size of the castle that you build.
4 Start minecraft a game in Creative mode.You can use the tool to create very small and very large brushes, allowing for a lot of control over your creation.This will provide an make easy reference for you to use while you're building, and will help ensure that everything lines up properly.Question How can I make a drawbridge?You'll find this in the "Tools" section of the Creative mode inventory screen.The castle possibilities gate are essentially endless.What should I do?Save your wall for last, in case you decide you want to expand the inner portion of the castle beyond your initial plans.No, you don't need one.There's a lot you can do with elevation changes and foliage to create a believable, realistic castle grounds.You'll find an "mcedit.Question Can I use piston doors?This can help immensely, as building make from plans will speed up the building process and ensure that everything lines up properly.Once construction is complete, you'll be returned to the game and your new castle will be right in front of you.When you're satisfied with your castle, you can save your changes to the world. Remember to use your creativity change the texture, blocks and add decorations.
An iron door will help protect your castle from monsters.