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Pony Creator 2011 General Zoi, my Little Pony Hasbro.
If you maken want to minerale share a code, mini please maken comment there!
The iOS version is make coming.
Make sure you're saving the maken correct code!The ponycode is different from the accessory code and the pose code.This wonderful game was made by generalzoi.Tags: my little pony - ponies - g4 - animals - equine - fantasy - mega hits - tv shows - cartoons - fandom.I did my best with the credits, but if I forgot to auto credit you mini for something, or you'd maken like to use a different name/website on the credits screen, just let me know.Seriously, draw on it, mini add to it, do whatever you like.Notes, the new hapjes method for importing cutie marks mini zelf doesn't seem to like high resolution images as much.You can make check zelf your version of Flash mineral player and update it on the Adobe make website.This is it, guys.I don't care if you manipulate the image you get from the game.Adoptables may not be sold for money or dA points.Adventure Taker, mineral randomize, your Ponys name is, start zelf Over.MY little pony: THE movie 2017 My Little Pony Productions LLC.A pony creator where you can customize everything to the MAX, including height, body thickness, and the colors of the hair, body, eyes, background and more, right down to the hex codes.Keep in mind, the cutie mark when the pony is medium size is only 38x38 pixels, so if the image is too zelf large the scaling will make the image impossible to see.You need at least Flash Player 10 to be able to import cutie marks and export images.You don't have to ask my permission to draw on an image.Let's have a quick rundown: This new game is much more complex than the previous version.Tumblr maken post and progress shots to get a preview of the app., please ask permission before uploading this game to other sites. Ponycode Compilation Post is still open!
Each window has it's own code, zelf because the code would have been too long to put all together.