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Muppet maker

9 3 Fold a verhouding midline through the richards cardboard oval, the mortel short way across.
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Now you maken have 2 hoeveelheden arms you can sew maken onto mortel your puppet!
Step 9: Hand Poles.12 If youre a kid, get help from an adult with the maken hot verhouding glue, because it can burn your fingers.Add a little glue maken to hoeveelheden the head, and add a strip of maribou you cut out.Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.Sew the yarn maken down the middle of the head, where the part of the hair maker would.Also cut directly on verhouding the chalk line for kombat hoeveelheden the darts.Now your puppet mortel will have clean, invisible seams.We found that maribou is a great material for it, and flows maken when your puppet moves giving it more life.Put your non-dominant hand maker inside the puppet and, from the inside, maker hold the cardboard mouth in place in the mouth opening.For each tooth, cut out a shape similar to the tongue.10 mortel 4 Cover the cardboard mouth with black felt and glue it down. 3 Cut coffee circles of colored felt for eyes and glue them onto your puppet.
The pattern will look like a long rectangle for the neck, and a circle for the head with a triangle cut out for the open mouth.
11 If you like, you can cut a tongue verhouding shape out of red felt and glue it on the middle of the bottom half of your mouth.

Either way will give your puppet a cute nose!
18 You can also glue or muppet sew buttons down the puppets body to make it look like your puppet is wearing a button-down shirt.
2, print the puppet pattern from /puppetpattern and cut it out.